Thursday, September 20, 2007

1 John 4:7-9 and Ethan's New Syllable Combination

We had a beautiful, breezy afternoon and played outside without breaking a sweat! Carrie realized that she could recite her newest verses all by herself! (Sorry for the noise from the wind!)
And not to be outdone, Ethan is trying out a new syllable combo. Now he can combine 'bah' and 'dow'! OK, so it means nothing, but it sure is cute and ya gotta start somewhere! We're confident he'll be preaching inspirational and eloquent sermons by next summer...well, we'll see!

Family Project

Carrie had to fix a family photo album to take to school this month for the unit on families. Praise the Lord it's a Christian Preschool and we don't have to discuss any unusual "family" arrangments with too many mommies or daddies!
These are the pictures she picked of her mom, dad, and brother.