Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Little Larry-Boy Song and Some Swinging

Ethan is still going strong with his Larry-Boy obsession (for those who don't know, Larry-Boy is Larry the cucumber's secreat super hero persona from the Veggie Tales!) Anyway, yesterday afternoon I was getting stuff done around the house and Carrie and Ethan were playing so nicely. I really wasn't paying all that much attention to what they were doing until I realized that Ethan was singin - which he has never done before that I know of! And he kept singing and singing and singing and singing...he was making up his own little version of a Larry-Boy theme song. I'm glad I thought to grab the camera and capture it! He sang it for no less and and hour, over and over, basically singing "Larry-Boy" 3 times and then some little phrase about what Larry-Boy does or what he looks like or how he will rescue you. Super cute! (I especially like the part where he explains that Carrie is dead!)

Later that afternoon, we went outside to play and Ethan hopped on the big kid swing for the first time. Every time, for the last 6 months, that I've asked him if he wants to try it, he's told me he's not big enough. But for whatever reason, he decided today was the day. The cute part of this video is what he says while I'm filming him swinging and I ask him to tell me something. With no hesitation he starts telling me how cool his dad is! You have to listen pretty close to hear it, but its priceless!

Here's the transcript...
"Dad is cool and him...and dad's knock me down and him cool, and him is silly, and him always tackle me and zap me"