Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Superhero's New Cape & Ballerina's New Moves

Ethan is really into the superhero thing lately. A while ago we discovered that he could tie the sleeves of one of his long sleeve shirts around his neck and have a little cape. But besides the fact that is actually very dangerous to have anything tied around the neck of a very active three-year old boy, everyone knows that a real superhero needs a BIG cape! So mom got creative after dinner tonight and whipped up a cape with one of my old red t-shirts, a little velcro and some fusable adhesive (iron on fabric flue)!
STEP 1 - Cut the back of the shirt out and up all the way arond the neck band.
STEP 2 - cut the front of the neck band apart and iron on a velcro tab on each side.
STEP 3 - Cut eye holes out of one sleeve
And wahlah! Instant superhero that thinks his mom is awesome!
Thank you very much! (dont' miss the video at the end!)

Carrie's been working hard in ballet getting ready for her upcoming recital in 3 weeks. She loves it and has learned so much since September. Can't wait to see her debut performance!