Saturday, July 21, 2007

Party Pictures

The butterfly birthday party was a huge success. No tantrums, no spills, no fire ants! The kids each got to pick a bug tatoo. Then they got to decorate a butterfly-shaped sugar cookie with colored icing, M&Ms, and sprinkles. They played outside and pinata was really fun (I highly recommend the pull-string type - no baseball bats required!) And the cake turned out cuter than I expected.

I asked her afterwards if she liked her party and she said, "Mom, I loved it!!!" So I asked her what her favorite part was and she said, "The cake and the pinata, and playing, and decorating the butterflies!" I think she had a great time!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

4 Years of Carrie

Well, I took some time this afternoon and took a little walk down memory lane. It really is amazing to see the change as she has grown in size and maturity through the last 4 years. So many little memories. I'm so thankful for photos that keep those memories from just slipping away forever past my sleep deprived, fuzzy brain.

Happy Birthday Lady Bug! I love you!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Doctor's Office Discipline

So, have you ever noticed the interesting discipline that goes on in Doctor's office wating rooms. This morning, we waited an hour for the doctor to rule out an ear infection (no infection...and no expanation as to why my child has been waking up once or twice the last several nights!) But the longer we waited, the more amused I was by the parents. There were all boys in the waiting room. And there were 2 more boys than there were little toy cars. So every parent kept insisting that their child share, while not very much actual sharing was happening at all. It was ridiculously easy to tell which mother had a clue about discipline. The tone of her voice said that she expected to be obeyed and her children actually did what they were asked to do right away, without argument. The other parents, asked and reminded, and warned, and pleaded, and reasoned, and argued, and practically begged their children to do what they asked, and the kids had absolutely no intention of doing it at all. The really funny part was watching how that behavior seemed to effect the parent knowing that they had an audience. They got embarassed, and then they got more manipulative with their kids to try to prove to the other parents that they really did know how to control their own children. Too late! If you don't require that your kids obey you at home, it is really funny to watch you try to convince them to obey you in public. Those poor parents would have looked less foolish if they had completely ignored their kid and pretended they were someone else's!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daddy's Boy

Ethan is smack in the middle of a major Daddy's Boy phase. I'm working hard on not getting my feelings hurt lately! He wants to be with his Dad, doing whatever he's doing, preferably being held.

What is it they say about the best toys being cardboard boxes? What is it about sitting in a box that makes playing with the same old toys so much more exciting?

(that is Carrie's fake smile...I can tell because her eyes aren't crinkled up at the corners!)

Almost 4

I think someone swiped my clock sometime in March and set it on fast forward! Could time seem to go any faster? My baby girl will be 4 years old in a few more days, and every time I try to forget, she is reminding me of one more way that she has gotten 'so big'! And the thoughts in my head say, 'see, she hardly needs me at all anymore.' What's a broken-hearted mom to do, but smile convincingly, clap enthusiastically, tell her that, "yes, you are getting so big, and I'm so proud of you", and then choke back the enormous lump in the throat.

We're planning a butterfly party for next Saturday (the day before her birthday) and she can't wait! We'll have butterfly tatoos for the girls, bug tatoos for the boys. A purple pinata (she specifically asked for 'one of those colorful things that you hang up and whack it until all the candy falls down' - how could I refuse!) We'll have a cake with butterflys, and ice cream, and balloons.

And then I'll have a 4 year old who will be in pre-K this fall and is already 43 and a half inches tall! When did that happen? She can be infuriating at times when she won't stop whining or arguing. And sometimes she drives me crazy with the endless questions. But she is also one of the very best things that have ever happened to me. And she will always be my baby girl.