Friday, April 25, 2008

Loving Siblings

I have official evidence of Carrie and Ethan actually getting along! I caught them playing TOGETHER in the fort. They were quietly reading books and snacking on pretend picnic food.

Yes, they are even seen sitting so close that they are actually touching on the couch without a fight breaking out. So nice for a mom to see!

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Words

Well, some of you know that Ethan is not a very verbal child. But he is slowly adding some new words to the vocabulary, so we wanted to record his sweet little voice to remember this phase.

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Break Week

Bob took a vacation day and we headed to the beach Tuesday morning to build a sandcastle. We didn't even wear swim suits - the water was still freezing! (obviously those insane people in the water are from somewhere really cold!) It was pretty breezy (not neccessarily the best scenario with a two-year-old playing in sand) but it was a beautiful day. We are so blessed to be close enough to a gorgeous beach to go play for a little while and make it home for naptime!
(you can click on the individual pictures to make them larger.)
Building our sand city.
Carrie was very good at finding the wet sand to make the towers and walls.

Ethan loved the feel of the soft sand between his toes...and on his legs...and arms...and in his pockets...and in his ears...

Absolutely no luck getting them both to look directly at the camera at the same time!

I don't think they let the water get them any higher than their ankles if they could help it - it was cold!!!

Our one-man-demolition crew made sure there was no evidence of our visit whatsoever by the time we left the scene! If we build it, he'll knock it down!