Friday, November 5, 2010

UF Butterfly Rainforest

On our way to see a space shuttle launch that eventually got scrubbed, we stopped in at the science museum at the University of Florida and walked through the butterfly rainforest. It is was amazing - we were all really impressed. They gave the kids a laminated full color pamphlet of some of the different butterflies that they might see inside, so when they saw one, they could find it on their chart and see what's called. They had a lot of fun with that - they were on a mission to find at least one of every butterfly on the list!

This was the 2nd photo I took inside the butterfly garden - just walked right up and took a picture of this gorgeous bright blue butterfly - and then he closed up his wings. One of the guides walked over and saw him sitting there on the railing and said he was the one all the photgraphers want a good picture of. Apparently some people will come and sit around watching for hours to get one good picture of this one with his wings open! Below is the same butterfly with his wings closed. Not nearly as attractive!

Bananas anyone?! Mmmmmm!

If Carrie doesn't appear to be her normally smiley, photogenic self, I think she was a little nervous the whole time we were there that a giant butterfly or bird was going to land on her! She was excited to see everything, but I think she had a hard time relaxing. Poor little scaredy cat!

Ethan thought these orange butterflies on the orange flowers won the prize for best camouflage.

Great white shark jaw - Ethan's "this shark is going to get me" face.